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We are the Wyatt family, missionaries to Tanzania, East Africa, since 2007. With four small children, a growing ministry, and facing challenges of living on foreign soil, life is never dull. We strive each day to live a life that is pleasing to God through our person, family, and ministry. Click the link below below to learn more about each member of this incredible team that God has put together!

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Mine eye affecteth mine heart...Take a look at what God is doing here in Tanzania!

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Church Ministries.

We are busy in the work of the Lord here in Tanzania! Please take time to read about each of our various ministries. Click the button to read more information and view photos and videos for each ministry.


Faith Baptist Church is alive and well. A vibrant body of believers attend each week and are actively involved in many different outreaches.


Our church has planted four churches in Dumlia, Kaseke, Maguu, & Kaseke Mazimbu Tanzania. We are praying that God would allow us to start many more churches throughout Tanzania.


Faith Baptist College is aimed at equipping Tanzanians with a more extensive knowledge of the Bible. In 2022, we had the privilege to graduate our first two graduates.


Sauti ya Uzima (Voice of Life) Radio went on the air in May of 2018. This is a 24 hour station broadcasting Christian programing over our region with a potential audience of half a million people. 


In February of 2018, we started the Imani feeding center. Currently, we have about 25 children whom we feed two meals a day 6 days a week.


Imani Boy's Home was founded in 2012 with six boys who were orphaned at young ages. We have strived to provide them with a Godly home in which to live.

Annual Events.

The Lord has opened some incredible doors of opportunity here. These events are held annually or bi-annually, and literally thousands of people are reached in a short period of time. Supporting churches partner with us for these events. If you would like for your church to be a part of one of these, please contact us.

Tanzanian Stadium Crusade

Each year, we rent out the stadium in our city and hold a crusade. Partnering with churches from the US, we have seen thousands come to know Christ during these crusades.

Medical Missions Outreach

Partnering with Medical Missions Outreach (MMO), we hold a week-long clinic staffed by doctors and nurses from the States. Each clinic week sees over two-thousand people treated with medical care as well as receiving the good news of salvation.


Each week, the Faith Baptist Church is involved in a wide variety of different outreaches. The size of these range from just a handful to hundreds of people.


Our deaf ministry is run by a young man in our church who learned Swahili sign-language. Each week, the service is translated into sign language. We also teach Bible in a deaf school weekly as well as have a church soccer team for the deaf.


Our public school ministry consists of 6 classes in 6 different public schools. Each week, one of our church members goes to one of these local schools to teach Bible. We have complete freedom to teach the Bible and give the Gospel.


Each year, we will have several evangelistic outreaches. We have had meetings at members' houses, shown the Jesus film, sponsored soccer matches, and much more - all in order to get the Gospel to as many as possible.


We have seen God use soccer many times as a tool to share the Gospel as well as to bring people to church. Each year, we have a soccer Sunday where we invite soccer teams to our church from all over our city. We also have a church soccer team.


Each Saturday, dozens of church members meet with us at the church for a time of prayer followed by visitation. We load up in vehicles and go into a neighborhood to share the Good News of the Gospel.


There is always something for both men and women to get involved in at our church. We hold regular men's and women's outreaches. The women enjoy a monthly prayer breakfast.


The teenagers of Faith Baptist church have  weekly classes as well conferences, camps, and Bible studies. We have a church soccer team on which many of our young men play. 


On Sundays, the children enjoy Sunday school classes. In-between the services, they enjoy playing on the church playground. We also have weekly Bible clubs in various neighborhoods as well as 1-day vacation Bible schools throughout the year.


Each Saturday, scattered throughout various neighborhoods in our city, we hold Bible Clubs. The children sing songs, play games, and hear a lesson from the Bible. This is a wonderful opportunity for children who can not attend church to hear the Gospel.


Once a week, young men come to our church to receive practical training for Christian young men. We cover many different topics such as preaching, money management, basic mechanics and work ethic.


Because we have our services back-to-back on Sunday we eat lunch together as a church family. Several ladies in our church volunteer to cook on a rotating basis. These women wake up very early each Sunday morning to cook the meal of beans & rice for 500+ people!


Partnering with Hays Pure Water for All and through the generosity of TBM, we are able to share clean water with villages, hospitals, and schools while also sharing with them the Water of Life. 


Each Sunday morning, 8 busses and vans go out all over our city picking up men and women, boys and girls to come to church. People walk to a designated meeting place where they are picked up. Because most people do not have vehicles, this is an important ministry.


We have the privilege of having young men and women come and intern with us on the mission field. These college-aged young people receive valuable experience during their extended stay on the mission field. They help out in a variety of different ministries.


Each year, we host several missions trips from churches in the USA. Visitors are given the life-changing experience of visiting the mission field and seeing first-hand the work of the Lord around the world. Those who come, go home with a better passion and vision for missions.

Partner with us!

We could not do what we do if it were not for a host of churches and individuals standing behind us and partnering with us financially. The opportunities here are endless, and we need your help! Would you prayerfully consider if God would have you come along beside us and invest in the work here?