New Building!

New Building!

 March 1, 2022

 March 1, 2022

March - April 2022

Dear Praying Friends,

We began the new year by putting the finishing touches on our new multi-purpose building and had the ribbon-cutting and dedication ceremony at the end of January. The building turned out beautiful and is a great testimony for the work of the Lord. This building will be used for our Sunday schools and Bible college, as well as many other events. We praise the Lord for the finish of this first stage of “Building Faith.” Thank you to all of those who have prayed and given for this project.

Each week while out on church-wide visitation, our son David goes along with us and other adults and hears them give the Gospel. His Swahili is good enough to be generally conversant, but he isn’t comfortable yet witnessing in Swahili. A couple of weeks ago before going out, he prayed that God would lead him to someone who spoke English so that he could witness too. After visiting for a while, David met a university student who spoke English. He was able to witness to him and lead him to the Lord! He was so excited, and I was humbled and praised God for a son who has a burden for souls.

We held our annual Marriage Seminar in our brand-new building, and what a blessing that was! We had many married couples in attendance, as well as two of our young people whom I had just married the Saturday before. As they are worldwide, marriages are under attack here in Tanzania, and I praise the Lord for this opportunity to strengthen and grow our marriages.

As usual, these past couple of months have been filled with many events, such as Ladies’ Meetings, Kids’ Days, weekly outreach, and special Sundays. For Valentine’s Day, we had a special party for our English Sunday school and saw a record attendance of 85 for that ministry. Life is always busy around here, and at times we get tired, but it is a good kind of tired!

We are praising the Lord for the safe arrival of the Morrows’ container. It arrived the first of February and did not have much trouble, for which we are very grateful! The container had all of the personal belongings for the Morrows, who have come to work alongside us in the ministry here, as well as some of our family’s personal things and many things for the church. Thank you to everyone who has been praying for this! 

We are excited about the next few months, as we have a lot planned. We are planning for our special “Imani Center” Sunday, where we highlight our feeding center in our Sunday service. We endeavor to have all of the children from that ministry, along with their families, present during this special day. It is always a great outreach. Please also pray for our Youth Camp that will be held in April, as well as for our big Easter service. We start our Easter Sunday out with an English service and Easter egg hunt for the kids. Then we have our Swahili services, along with a special meal. We also endeavor to have first-time visitors during these special days. Please pray that many will come and that we will be able to reach many with the Gospel of our risen Saviour!

Your representatives in Tanzania,

Jerry & Rachel Wyatt