July 23

Video Clips

Stadium Crusade Trip


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Waiting for lunch on the island

Boat ride to the island

Coconut crab on the island

Walking out to the boat

Taste testing the hippo meat.

Bro. Abe running up the mountain side.

Recording for the radio

Public Secondary School

Public school kids singing "How Great Thou Art"

Bible class in elementary school

Trying to get ubuyu seeds

Heading out on safari!

Elasto explaining the rules of the safari camp.

Elephant crossing the road.

Elephants coming to the watering hole

Golfing on "browns" instead of "greens"

Singing for the professional teams


Singing before Soulwinning visitation

Playing soccer with the kids

Helping cook the meal for the professional teams

Rehearsing the opening ceremonies

Singing at the clothing shop to receive a discount.

TV Interview

Angie & Marchel attempting to make the beds for the soccer players

Angie in her element!

Singing while waiting on the vehicle to load.

Singing in English & Swahili at the Village Service

Marchel teaching the kid's class

Children at the Feeding Center

Playing with the children at the Feeding Center

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Day 11

Day 11
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