July 22

Day 3

Stadium Crusade Trip


This morning was spent preparing thousands of John and Romans for the crusade by stapling a decision card to each one, as well as other crusade preparations. Once finished prepping the crusade things, we took tracts and crusade invitations and canvassed a neighborhood passing out invitations and witnessing. 

After lunch, we left for the 1 1/2 hour drive to the village of Dumila to hold a service in the village church there. The people were so excited to have the team visit their church! Bro. Josh preached at the village service.

Supper was at "chicken hut." No utensils allowed!

These ladies were so excited to meet their "sisters" from America!

This man is blind and crippled. He was sitting in his house (this one room is his entire home.) We gave him a crusade invitation but he said he couldn't come because he couldn't walk. Ima shared with him the Gospel and he was sweetly saved. Some day, he will run on the streets of gold and his eyes will behold the Saviour!

These five men accepted Christ as their Saviour!

Village church at Dumila

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Day 11

Day 11
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