July 28

Day 9

Stadium Crusade Trip


Our last day in Morogoro was a busy one! We first went up the mountain to the site of the radio tower of Faith Baptist Church. We enjoyed the beautiful view of the city. The kids enjoyed playing around on the obstacle course. From there, we went to the local hospital to get our covid tests. After receiving our tests, we had a tour of the radio station and recorded the Swahili song for use on the radio.

We were blessed to be able to teach Bible in two public schools. First, we visited an elementary school where Bro. Josh Kent taught a lesson. The children were so happy to see us and excited to be in Bible class. Next, we went to a secondary school where Bro. Josh Barringer taught. 

We ate a very late lunch at the Wyatt's house and then headed back to the rooms to freshen up for church. Bro. Josh Kent preached to the adults and Bro. Josh Barringer taught the kid's class. We had a sweet time of saying goodbye to these brothers and sisters in Christ with whom we have knit hearts over the past week. 

We ate a delicious supper at the Morrow's house. We even got to enjoy some hippo meat that Bro. Josh grilled for everyone. We enjoyed watching the videos of the crusade and soccer Sunday that Bro. Deke Morrow and Alpha put together. 

*Thank you Grant & Stephen for the photos and videos of the schools!

Cutting up the hippo

Everyone had to try some!

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Day 11

Day 11
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