July 27

Day 8

Stadium Crusade Trip


This morning we left the camp while it was still dark for our morning game drive. We saw many, many elephants as well as lots of the other animals. We did not see lion, but we did enjoy the rare find of a leopard. Leopards are extremely hard to spot so we were blessed to see one!

After driving back to Morogoro, we split up for the afternoon with some going back to the rooms to rest or get some other work done, some working on projects at the church, some going to the Wyatt's house, and a couple even squeezed in a round of golf! 

Bro. Dan McCoy along with the assistant pastors on the trip, held a training session for the staff men of Faith Baptist. Our men here are not able to go to other conferences or meetings so it was a great blessing for them to have this time of training and encouragement. 

Pastor Jerry set up for some local craftsmen to bring their products to the church for us to do some souvenir shopping. 

Supper was at the Wyatts house and all the women enjoyed fellowship as we shared in the preparations for the meal.

Tomorrow we will be going to get our covid tests. Please pray that all will go well with that process.

Bro. Stephen repairing the tire swing.

Staff men training

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Day 11

Day 11
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