July 25

Day 6

Stadium Crusade Trip


What an amazing day! We began the day bright and early by meeting at the stadium just before 7AM for setup. There were many preparations that we had not been able to do earlier due to the field being used by another game on Saturday. 

By 8AM...two hours before the service was supposed to start, teams were already beginning to show up. They just kept pouring in. Team after team of young men coming as a soccer team to church in order to receive their soccer ball and pump. Pastor McCoy preached a powerful message using his testimony. The Spirit of God was evident. There were also classes going on all around the stadium with both Swahili children and English children. The total attendance for soccer Sunday was over 1,400 with over 40 trusting Christ as their Savior. On days like this, it is difficult to get a count of salvations as there are a lot of people crowded together, but even if we didn't see every hand, God saw every heart and their decision was written in the Lamb's Book of Life!

After all the soccer balls had been given out to the teams, the church people as well as the our team enjoyed a meal of beans and rice and began preparing things for the crusade.

As the time for the crusade drew nearer it became evident that the crowd would be drastically lower than previous years. Because the crusade had to be moved from Saturday to Sunday, it now fell over the same time that the final game of the Tanzanian soccer league was being played by the two biggest teams in the country. This would be the equivalent of the super bowl. Because of this, most of the people who would have attended the crusade were instead gathered around TVs watching the final game of the season. 

The crusade went well and everyone enjoyed the Swahili song that the choir sang immensely. The people who were there listened intently as the Gospel was preached. We praise the Lord for the 52 who accepted Christ as their Savior during the crusade. Although, the crowd was not what we were expecting or wishing, we are content to leave the results in God's Hands. We do not know why He chose to work things out this way, but we trust His Heart and realize that Heaven erupted into rejoicing over every one who accepted Him as their Savior today. 

We were not able to get many photos of the actual preaching/singing because I (Rachel) was sitting far from the stage, but we had a professional photography team there and when we get those photos back, we will post those in a separate post.

Tomorrow, we will be taking off for a little rest and fun on a Safari. There is a good chance that we will not be able to update tomorrow as there usually isn't internet coverage out on the Safari. If not, we will update on Tuesday evening.

Thank you all for your prayers and support!

Practicing with the cross

Grabbing some pastries for breakfast

Mrs. Angie teaching one of the English kid's classes

Soccer Sunday

Children's Church

Madeline teaching the children's church 

English Teen Class

The Sunday school classes enjoyed chicken flavored Cheetos.

Bro. Abe showing off his skills

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