July 24

Day 5

Stadium Crusade Trip


The day started early with Soulwinning visitation at the church. The team as well as the members of Faith Baptist gathered for a time of prayer and a light breakfast of ginger tea, mandazi, and cassava. We loaded up in the van, truck, and bus to go to the area of Kilakala. The USA team members were paired off with Tanzanian church members to form Soulwinning groups. We praise the Lord for the 26 people who trusted Christ on Soulwinning. 

After Soulwinning, we headed back to the church to pump soccer balls to give away on Soccer Sunday and the ladies helped with cooking a meal for the professional teams. After a quick rehearsal of the opening ceremony at the stadium, we enjoyed lunch from a food truck. We stopped by a clothing market to purchase matching polo shirts for the choir performance at the crusade.

The afternoon was free time back at the camp for some rest and to make sure everything was ready for a very long day tomorrow. 

Supper was hosted at the Highlands camp with the professional soccer teams.Pastor Jerry brought the Gospel message, we sang, the professional teams were given appreciation gifts, and we enjoyed a meal together.

Please be in prayer for tomorrow (Sunday). We will start with soccer Sunday at 10AM (2AM Iowa time). Pastor McCoy will be preaching so please be in prayer for him that the Lord will lead him as well as Pastor Jerry who will be translating. There will be many hundreds of unsaved men and teen boys who have come with their soccer teams to receive one of the soccer balls that the team brought over. 

The crusade will begin at 4PM on Sunday (8AM Iowa time) with the singing/preaching at halftime which will be around 9AM Iowa time. We believe that if there are a host of Christians who will stop and have a time of prayer at that time, that God will do an amazing work. 

This crusade is always a step of faith. We are praying that whether there are 10 people or 10,000 people, that God will be glorified and the exact people that He wants present will be there to hear and receive the Gospel.

Gathering for a light breakfast before Soulwinning visitation.

Soulwinning partners

Marchel showing Mace & Amina picture of her girls.

Bro. Josh and Ima made a great Soulwinning team.

Teaching the kids how to fist bump.

Bro. Abe was happy to find these three young men spoke English and he was able to witness to them himself. They all three accepted Christ as their Savior.

Wherever you find a group of boys here, you will find a soccer game!

Beef with ginger

In our church kitchen

Rehearsing the opening ceremony.

Shopping for matching shirts for the crusade.

No fitting rooms...just try them on over your clothes!

Anna, Madeline, & Angie enjoyed a Bajaji ride back to the camp. 

Dinner with the professional teams

These players enjoyed talking to Ethan


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