Rachel was born and raised in a Baptist preacher’s home (Dr. Larry Brown). At the age of nine, with the help of her mother, she received Christ. As a young person, Rachel surrendered to do whatever God wanted.

In February of 2003, her father hired her as the full-time secretary of their church, Marion Avenue Baptist Church. She worked in this position until September of 2005, when she enrolled in college.

Jerry and Rachel met at college and began dating. While dating, Rachel was able to visit Tanzania, and after a time of praying and seeking God’s will, she knew that the mission field is what God had in store for her.

Rachel gave birth to all four children, David, Kate, Andrew, and Lauren, in Tanzania. She has happily stood beside Jerry in their work in Tanzania. Rachel helps with children's and women's ministries.


BIRTHDAY: September 28

ANNIVERSARY: July 6, 2007

BIBLE VERSE: Genesis 6:8

FAVORITE FOODS: Pizza, Chicken, Iced Coffee, Butterscotch Chips, Skor Candy Bars, Dr. Pepper


HOBBIES: Spending time with family, Graphic Design, Organizing, Reading

FAVORITE PART OF LIVING IN TANZANIA: Relaxed lifestyle providing lots of family time.

MISS THE MOST ABOUT AMERICA: Family, Friends, Cleanliness!, Conveniences of grocery stores, malls, etc.