July 20

Day 1 – Arrival!

Stadium Crusade Trip


The team landed at 7:30 AM in Dar es Salaam. After a long 3 hours of lines, COVID testing, obtaining visas, and gathering luggage, they finally loaded up in two vans and began the 4 hours drive to Morogoro. We are praising God that all the luggage made it (with the exception of one case being left at the airport that should arrive on a bus tomorrow). There was no problem with customs clearance, which was a miracle!

After arriving in Morogoro, the team settled into their rooms for a quick rest and to freshen up before heading out to the Feeding Center for supper and orientation. They enjoyed an authentic Tanzanian meal prepared by the staff wives of Faith Baptist.

After supper, we made a quick stop at the "supermarket" for snacks. Everyone is exhausted but excited to be here and start serving! 

Prayer of thankfulness for the team arriving safely and for the long trip to Morogoro.

Stopping along the way for a quick sack lunch (there are no fast food restaurants to run by!)

Orientation with the Staff

Marchel found herself a baby!

The baby was intrigued by her hair

Learning the Tanzanian handshake

Shopping for snacks

Angie buying bananas at the local market for breakfast.

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Day 11

Day 11
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